House Painted

Preparing to Have Your House Painted

House painting is a major task and involves a lot of hard work. Thus, proper preparation of your home is required to ensure that the paint job will last longer. Here are some of the important tips by New Castle Painting BC that will help you to keep your painting last longer:

  • Wood placed close to the concrete ground: Few reasons why the lower ends wooden door doesn’t hold paint. Concrete ground will soak up more water and then release the moisture slowly; hence the wooden furniture or any item placed next to the ground level will always stay damp. This constant dampness will lead to the breaking of wood/ paint bond. Therefore, you need to create some gap between the wood and horizontal surfaces and then apply the water repellent paint to the bottom up to 16 inches of the wooden surface. This will definitely add more years to your painting especially areas that are vulnerable to moisture.

House Painted

  • Knowing exterior material is important: Your home’s exterior may be of any material such as wood clapboards, vinyl, aluminum, or any harder material like stucco or brick or combination of more than one material. Trimming can be done of vinyl, wood, or extruded foam with fiberglass or plastic as an overlay. You need to examine the exterior very carefully and observe the type of chipping, peeling or crazing of the existing paint.
  • Gather all the required tools: You need to clean your house in order to prepare for the painting. This can be done best by scrubbing with hand. Proper cleaning is needed to avoid the growth of mold and mildew. The tools required for cleaning the house are listed below:
    • Water
    • Bucket
    • Cleaning agent
    • Putty knife
    • Sandpaper, power sander or sanding block
    • Scrub brush
    • Work gloves
    • Wire brush

The problematic areas need some touch up after cleaning, but before priming, that time you will need caulking gun, caulk in tubes, exterior spackling compound, window glazing, and hammer. Other items needed are drop cloths, ropes, and stakes to protect the plants if any.

  • Preparing the house exterior: After cleaning with the cleaning agent and brush thoroughly rinse the exterior, but it should be done at a downward angle so that water is prevented from infiltrating behind the siding. Sander or electric paint remover might be needed to remove the loose paints.
  • Prepare the trim for painting: Clean the trim properly similar to the exterior. You need to remove all the home shutters in order to prevent the contrasting color might contaminate the home walls while cleaning. All the decorative materials need to be removed such as house number and light fixtures.
  • Priming: Try to use the best primer which you can consult with your contractor. Most often, priming is done with opposite of the finish coat. For example, if you want to paint high-quality latex then priming with oil base has to be done. The main purpose of priming is to seal the surface, prevent bleed-through and provide a smooth and uniform base for the finish coat.

You can hire and consult the experts from New Castle painting BC for more.

Hence, preparing your home for painting is important and time taking. Therefore, invest right time for doing the job with perfection and put all the required effort so that the painting job will last longer and ensuring good quality painting of your house.

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