Building Lawyers in Sydney

Why should you get a Building Lawyers in Sydney?

Sydney is one of the most progressive and developed cities in terms of building and construction. Certainly, building lawyers are found where they are most demanded. In a city like Sydney, it seems like disputes are bound to happen. So the question is, who is the best go-to building lawyer in Sydney?

But first, what can building lawyers do for you?

Building lawyers offer a variety of services. These services include:

1. Contract drafting

Contracts are crucial in the building process. These documents contain the rights of both parties, their contractual obligations, and details of the project. A building lawyer can tell you what you have to include in the contract to avoid future legal conflicts.

2. Contract review

Having your contract reviewed is highly encouraged. A building lawyer can help in reviewing your contract to avoid causing confusion or ambiguity to the other party. Building lawyers can point out specific details that can be added, removed or revised.

3. Dispute resolution

In case you get involved in a dispute and you need a lawyer’s help, your construction lawyer also serves as your building dispute expert. With the guidance of your building dispute expert, you can be confident that you are taking the proper steps. Consultation with your construction lawyer can minimise the risk of getting you involved into more trouble.

While there are still many other services that building lawyers can provide, the services mentioned above are the ones that really get them hired as construction contracts play a vital role in the beginning of a building project and building disputes are common in the construction industry.

Get advice from a Building and Construction Disputes Lawyers in Sydney
Contracts Specialist is a Sydney-based law firm specialising in building and construction. We are building lawyers who deal with matters related to building disputes, construction contracts, debt recovery, and strata issues.
We are headed by John Dela Cruz, our principal lawyer with over 10 years of experience. He can deal with your construction matters efficiently and advise you on all facets of building and construction.
With Contracts Specialist, you are ensured that you are in good hands.

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