avoid Sleeping With Pets

Why Should We Avoid Sleeping With Pets?

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, one-third of homes in the United States have dogs inside the house. More than half of them stated that they allow pets to sleep in their bedrooms at nights.

It is important to choose the right bed especially if you have pets that you allow to sleep on your bed. Check out this article on evercoolhomes.com because it will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to find the perfect mattress for your needs. Apart from having a high-quality mattress, the question that we have to ask ourselves is whether is it healthy to have a dog inside your bedroom.

Some people tend to believe that pets help them sleep better. Only 20% of people who have dogs think that having a pet in the bedroom will cause sleep disruption. Researchers created a study whether human sleep is affected by dogs if you allow them to sleep in the bedroom at night.

A study tracked patterns of 40 healthy adults and their dogs. 80% of them were women while none of them had any sleep disorder issues. All subjects allowed their pets to sleep in the bedroom at night, while some of them let dogs sleep in bed with them.

They tracked them for seven nights in the course of a five-month study. Most of them featured accelerometers to monitor their movements, while those that humans wore could detect light and motion too.

The results stated that most people didn’t have any issues if dogs were in the bedroom at nights. However, if the dog shared the bed with them, the sleep efficiency changed significantly.

What Is Sleep Efficiency?

Sleep efficiency is the calculation on how much time we spend in the bed when we get in the bed, how much time you spend sleeping versus being awake in the bed, etc. The efficiency number is a ratio between the amount of time in bed divided with amount of sleep.

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One study says that sleep efficiency was based on dog size and whether there were one or two humans in the bed during the night. Within the study group, sleep efficiency was highest when human slept with a human partner and medium-sized dog (up to 50 pounds) inside the room but not in the bed.

The sleep efficiency was lowest where there was no human partner, and there was a small dog in the bed. On the other hand, when it comes to dogs, rest time was highest for large dogs with more than 50 pounds, which slept in bed with one human.

What Do We Think That Dogs In Bed Will Help Us Sleep Better?

As we all know, dogs are symbiotic and complementary to humans especially when it comes to behavioral and psychiatric sciences. However, the sleeping is not as pleasant for animals as for people. Animals have the survival instinct that gives them the inability to sleep with efficiency because nature tells us that sleeping animals are prone to be attacked.

When compared with other animals such as dogs, we have an excellent color vision, but lousy night vision. That gives us an advantage over animals during the day, but it puts us in terrible disadvantage at night.

Therefore, we are vulnerable at night, and dogs played roles in how we became top predators on the planet. Dogs are up and down and awake during nights because they can see very well in the dark.

We recommend you to visit this particular website: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Origin_of_the_domestic_dog to get more information on origin of the domestic dog.

Anthropologists state that dogs were first animals domesticated by humans. Therefore, it is not surprising to see that people feel better when they have a dog around because dogs tend to watch over us especially at nights.

This particular historical behavior is the root of understanding why people feel comfortable with sleeping with dogs. It gives them the illusion of safety.

What About Children?

Parents allow children to sleep with their pets too. It is also the behavioral reason because kids tend to get nervous and scared of the dark, which is why letting pets to sleep with them will make them feel safer.

However, dogs don’t sleep the way humans do, because they sleep throughout the day too. Therefore, you won’t see a dog sleeping eight hours in a row in the same bed. The dog will go out of the bed and get back later, which could be disruptive.

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