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Pro and cons of ceramic flooring

Ceramic flooring is one of the versatile construction technique that applies to any part of your house without fear of constraints of design, water, and strains. These tiles are ideal types of art tiles that have gained popularity in the modern world. You can use them in flooring, as a backsplash as well as countertops.  Due to their durable and functional nature, people have become fond of them especially those from Arttiles.eu.

There are however some characteristics that make ceramic tiles unfavorable in a certain environment. A full understanding of both the pros and cons is essential to allow you make wise decisions when thinking of flooring. Below are the advantages and drawbacks that you should know when choosing a ceramic tile to install in your home.

Pros of ceramic tiles

  • Ceramic tiles are water resistant. Ceramic tiles have a protective layer which lies over them, making them impenetrable to stain and water penetration. They are also able to resist havoc of high humidity. Therefore, these properties allow them to become ideal for moist environments like in bathrooms and kitchens. Additionally, ceramic tiles do not strain easily as compared to other wood tiles. They are ideal, and you do not need to worry when using them in your household.
  • Ceramic tiles are durable. Ceramic floors are tough, and chances of such kind of tiles to crack are very low. If you install them properly, they are likely to last for over 20 years. Most people find them convenient in their homes since they can handle the strong However, if they crack due to severe impact, replacing them is a simple process to undertake.
  • Easy to maintain. Ceramic tiles are very easy to keep up. In case of stains, dirt or liquid spills, you only wipe them, and you are good to go. They do not require special and regular maintenance, only sweeping them with a soft material with no fear of decolorizing them. If a sever stains occur, you can use heavy and tough cleaners without worrying about damaging them.
  • Ceramic tiles have a wide variety of designs. Ceramic manufacturers make them in an ideal way that you can design in numerous patterns and designs. You can customize these tiles to fit your desired fit and appearance to achieve your desired backdrop and theme. Additionally, you can cut ceramic tiles in different shapes such as rectangles, triangles, and

Cons of ceramic tiles

  • Hard flooring. Ceramic tiles are very hard, making it easy to maintain and clean. However, this nature makes it uncomfortable and difficult to stand on. There is no way to soften these tiles as in the case of resilient floors. Therefore, these tiles might not be ideal an environment where people are likely to stand for the long duration of time.
  • Ceramic is Ceramic tiles do not hold heat easily. During winter, these tiles can be really bad since they can get extremely cold and affect your toes. The better part of this is that ceramic tiles are very comfortable during summer times.
  • They are hard to install. Ceramic tiles are not that simple to install. They are heavy and hard and requires special tools to install them. Additionally, no way an amateur can install them properly. They require an expert who can install them timely and without mistakes. Therefore, hiring a contractor may pile up additional cost which might be unfavorable to many.

Art tiles have gained popularity today. Besides being functional and durable, they are aesthetic. Most people opt for them when anticipating to create a striking backsplash and floors in their households. Additionally, they are customizable. You can create a variety of designs and patterns depending on your fantasy and taste.

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