Grass Healthy All Year Round

Ways To Keep Your Grass Healthy All Year Round

We all want a glossy green lawn that looks fantastic all year round. However, factors outside of our control can sometimes make this a little trickier than we’d like. Whether it’s unfortunate weather conditions, less rainfall than expected through the winter, or pests that wreak havoc in your garden, there are plenty of different things that can leave your grass looking less than perfect. If you’re trying to create a perfect appearance for your garden regardless of the season, use these tips to try to avoid the most common mistakes.

Skip Grass Altogether

The easiest way to maintain a lawn that looks perfectly green all year round is to avoid the problems that natural lawns present altogether. You can do this by installing synthetic turf in your garden that creates a natural look without all of the hassle. You may be pleasantly surprised by the artificial grass cost, too – especially when you consider how much you’ll save on maintenance throughout the year. Artificial turf is also far more economically friendly and will thrive no matter what the unpredictable weather patterns throw your way – particularly if a drought comes along and threatens to destroy your grass completely.

Water Wisely

Many people mistakenly believe that watering their lawn frequently will help it grow healthily and quickly, but it’s often better to water at the right times and with the right depth control rather than more often. You want the water to delve deep enough into the lawn that the roots will be encouraged to grow deep into the soil; tapping into nutrients that will help it maintain its health. Aim to water for a long enough period of time to penetrate the lawn to at least 100-150mm, or check the soil with your own spade to be sure that you’re really getting moisture into the earth. During the summer season it’s best to water the grass early in the morning to avoid the sun immediately drying out your hard work. Avoid watering in the evening during the winter months, or you may cause the water to freeze around the grass which can do serious damage.

Keep Weeds Away
Weeds tend to spring up most commonly in springtime, along with all of your other more welcome plants and flowers, so this is the best time to attack. A well-fertilised lawn will be less likely to attract excessive weed growth, but specific areas may still see a few weeds cropping up. Find a weed killing product that treats the specific type of grass in your garden – you can usually apply just in the spots where you see the weeds, not across your entire lawn. Dandelions are a common issue during summer, but you can easily take care of them with a specialized spray or by hand-weeding.

Keep Up With Fertilisation

A good fertiliser can generally be used just a few times a year – usually once for each season. Shop around to find a brand that suits your grass and garden, then make sure you remember to keep up with the schedule to avoid problems later in the year. Choose a good fertiliser that’s concentrated and releases slowly into your grass so that mowing, watering, and shifts in the weather won’t affect the quality of your lawn.


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