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Window Blinds: Real Wood or Faux Wood – What is the Difference?

The short answer is that one is made from wood, the other is not. But whether one decides to go with a window blind that is made from real wood, or a material that perceives to be, is an important decision. It will also depend on a series of factors.

If real wood is chosen, there will certainly be an element of authenticity in the look of your home. Window blinds may only make up around a fifth of the entire wall space in a home, but the impact of the blinds is big.

Real wood is strong. There is also a wide variety of styles and wood grains to choose from. One will know that when choosing a coffee table, bureau or wood unit that there is a puzzling selection. Teak, oak or willow; light, dark or a pale green – the choice is consuming and there are aspects of the fit to consider too.

Would a real wood blind made of some kind of mahogany go well with the teak coffee table? Probably not, but there are issues of style and colour clashes to consider – and that is just the overwhelming choice awaiting us when we elect for real wood over faux.

The biggest plus point with real wood blinds is that it adds a natural element to the home. The designs of most modern homes seem to shun polymer or plastic, synthetic materials and faux designs in favour of real and natural.

However, faux wood does not come without its plus points too. Going into the false wooden option is an excellent way of creating an authentic look. Only here there is less vulnerability to the effects of damage a real wood blind is wide open to. Water in the atmosphere, as an example, is not good over time for the home that has chosen real wood blinds as a furnishing option.

Real wood blinds have many different options and grains to select from. Moreover, there are four times as many real wood styles than there are faux selections. The real wood options can number in excess of 450 options, overwhelming the customer with a range of choices so large, it can be difficult to pin one down that is just perfect for the home.

It does come down to price in the end for many. Real wood blinds can be cheap but at the top of the range are very expensive.  

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