Best 4 Quilting Styles For Your Home Decor

We see art and creativity in our daily lives. When we see people painting, we call it a form of art. Writing is another work of art. Just like these art forms, quilting is another category in the works of art. Hence, it is quite obvious that this form also has some different styles and techniques. Unfortunately, most people are not aware of the various styles of quilts, and they stick to just one or two kinds such as patchwork or art quilt. There is a wide range of styles in which the quilts are made. Read until the end to explore the variety of quilting styles and get some amazing ideas for the bed coverings.

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Popular quilting styles which are still used today

Exploring the world of quilts is an interesting job. There is a unique history of the origin of every style. Let us have a look at some of the very popular styles and techniques.

  1. Art Quilts

Art Quilts are one of the most common forms which we see in the trade. An art quilt is not designed to protect from cold; rather the quilt is an artwork which expresses aesthetic concerns of visual arts such as painting, printmaking, graphic design and so on. However, the art quilts possess all the basic qualities of a quilt like they have a fabric material and they have two layers- a face layer and a back layer. Some of the stitches of the face layer must be visible at the back layer. The basic idea behind these quilts is that when we look at them, they should represent a work of art and not a mere quilt which we use at our homes for our routine purpose.

  1. Amish Quilt

Amish quilts have traditional block pattern which is made of solid color fabrics such as red and green. These quilts have a white background. The quilts are similar to the ones made by Amish women. They make quilts with printed and solid fabrics. These quilts are used as bed sheets or baby quilts and even as wall hangings. Hands quilt they all. Traditional Amish quilts inspire all the quilters to date and are designed beautifully all over the world.

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  1. English Paper Piecing

English Paper Piecing (or simply EPP) is an old quilting style which is still in trend. In this style, the fabric is wrapped around a piece of paper, and shape is formed. All the EPP styled quilts are handmade, which is the result of their accuracy. These quilts are easily packed and can be taken along on a trip.

  1. Cathedral Window Quilts

We can infer from the name itself that Cathedral Window Quilts are inspired by the beautiful windows of the cathedral church. Just like the colorful windows of the church, these quilts are also colorful and beautiful. Not much is required to make a cathedral window quilt; in fact, the only skill on which you need to work is

patchwork. First, you have to iron all the pieces and then spend some time in sewing all these pieces together (which is, by the way, easier than sewing the whole quilt). Your quilt is prepared to make your home look beautiful as a church window.

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