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Garden Supplies Buying Guide For Beginners

Gardening is a new-age hobby of many people. Having a well-maintained garden in front of the porch is pleasing as well as beneficial to one’s health. As many have rightly said, gardening is an art. People who are passionate about gardening would know how close to nature gardening makes them feel. So many people all around the world are now taking up gardening as their hobby as the all the hard work that is put in finally results into beautiful blooms and pleasing surroundings.

So, if you are one of those people planning to take up gardening, stop procrastinating and start planning. To get started with it, you will first need garden supplies. Gardening is not merely a task that you can start working on straight away after getting out of your bed. You need to first make a list of all the garden supplies that will be needed by you to get started. Obviously, without any prior gardening experience, the internet is where you would look to gain a little knowledge about all the necessary garden supplies.

Let me tell you this – unless you have someone experienced to guide in making your shopping list, do not visit a garden supplies shop. The seller will just try to convince you to buy several tools that you may not even need. So, let me be the experienced guide that you need to help you make a shopping list of garden supplies that will help you get started with your gardening.

There Are Only 5 Supplies That You Essentially Need Initially:

  1. Forks and spades: These tools are necessary for planting, digging and harvesting.
  2. Hoes and rakes: These tools are needed for preparing the soil before plantation and for dealing with weeds. You need rakes to clear the soil and remove dry leaves.
  3. Planting toolset: A trowel, a hand fork, a dibber, etc. are all the small tools that you will need while planting saplings and seeds. Most shops have these tools available in one single set.
  4. Netting and canes: These are needed to offer support to your weak-stemmed saplings till they grow strong and are able to support themselves.
  5. Fertilizer and pesticide: To ensure that the saplings and seeds get ample nutrients to help them grow, fertilizers are necessary. Pesticides are needed to keep the growing plants safe from pests and diseases.

These 5 gardens supplies are sure to give you an impressive head start with your gardening. While you buy these items, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Size of the tools: When you are choosing tools for gardening, I would advise you to hold all the tools and see if you feel comfortable while using it. The tools should not be too big or too small for you. Also, make sure that you take into consideration the size of your garden while deciding the size.
  • Tools should wooden handles with coated metal grasps: This may seem to be a trivial addition, but the handles need to be sturdy if one needs to use all these tools efficiently. That is why the handles need to be made of quality wood. If tool description has words like single forges, solid rocker, carbon steel, epoxy coated, or stainless steel, it is an indication that the tool is worth buying.
  • Do not overshop: Most people tend to buy a lot more than what is needed when it comes to buying plants and seeds. Look at your garden size and decide how much the place can hold.

Once you are through with buying all the necessary garden supplies, you can get to work in your garden space and then await the arrival of spring.


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