Solar Powered Devices

Different Ways in Which Solar Powered Devices are changing our Planet

When it comes to matters of green energy, which isn’t polluting this beautiful planet and providing us with energy, it surely is something that we all would want, right? In most people’s minds, the first Green energy that pops up is solar power. And solar power does indeed make for the very best of common sense and should be used to the maximum.

Green energy also happens to be one of the most rapidly expanding industries around right now, due to people wising up and wanting to take part in helping to be Earth friendly.

So, let’s have a look at exactly why and how solar powered devices are making big changes in the world around us:

1 – Solar Panels Are Now a Lot Cheaper

One of the biggest reasons people stayed away from solar power before, is that it was deemed expensive and not worth their time.

  • Prices on solar panels and have dropped by 60% since 2011.

2 – Boost in the Panels Efficiency

Solar panels used to run at an efficiency level of about 15%, which is measured by the difference between how much sun hits the panel and how much energy is derived from it.

Solar energy is now more efficient and newer panels are putting out a consistent 22%.

3 – Alternatives Not Affordable

Alternatives to solar, such as hydraulic fracturing (fracking) to produce natural gas, is just not affordable in many countries; it uses huge amounts of water, obliterates the environment, and makes enormous methane emissions.

4 – Solar Panel Paint

– A technology known as SolarWindow, is made from the smallest organic solar cells, which are about a quarter of the size of a rice grain.

The Universities of Cambridge and Sheffield, England, have also developed solar cells, which can be sprayed onto surfaces, such as windows, car roofs, and buildings.

  • The idea is to produce cheaper solar technology, and make it more available, especially in developing countries.

5 – Food shortages and Increasing Food Prices Will be a Thing of the Past.

Lighting and imaging technologies can boost crop production annually and alleviate the issues of traditional farming.

  • This means that disease and environmental factors will be less of a problem.

6 – Thermal Solar water heating system

This speaks for itself and is one of the most affordable solar devices which will eventually pay for itself over a short time.

If you’re seeking help to expertly clean solar panels in Perth, ensure that you use a qualified and professional service.

7 – Photovoltaic Panels

Australian scientists have created a way of hugely boosting the efficiency of solar panels, while effectively reducing their cost. Researchers at the University of NSW, have designed a photovoltaic panel design which is way ahead of its time, and uses hydrogen atoms to counter issues in silicon cells used in solar panels. Meaning, that low quality silicon can be made to perform like high quality wafers.

The future is here!

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