Exposed Aggregate Driveway

What are the Advantages of Having an Exposed Aggregate Driveway?

One of the most popular choices for the modern driveway surface is exposed aggregate. There are certainly some benefits to having an exposed aggregate driveway installed at your home, with one of the major ones being its durability.

You also have a number of different colour and texture choices to choose from, allowing householders to ideally match or contrast the surface perfectly with their home. Unfortunately, one of the only drawbacks to putting down exposed aggregate, is that it really can’t be laid perfectly without the assistance of seasoned specialists.

  • Also, it will have to be resealed every now and again (few years) so as to continue looking good. (This will also depend a lot on weather conditions where you reside)

But The Advantages are Superb

Visually attractive exposed aggregate driveways in Melbourne, happen to be extremely durable, which really is not that surprising since they are made out of something called concrete! This is naturally one of the most desirable traits of any type of surface where cars will drive or be stored, and is also a very important point to consider when living in areas which experience harsh weather conditions, as it can endure the likes of direct solar light, snow, rain, and ice.

  • And different to most other surfaces, exposed aggregate will last many years and with limited maintenance, seeing as it is rugged.
  • It is also non-skid/slip because of the tiny stones which are layered on top of the concrete, meaning that vehicles are unlikely to slip or slide on the surface, even when wet.

Matters of Colour and Stone Size

Anyone who would like for more choices of colour than the standard grey or black will be happy to know that an exposed aggregate driveway, can in fact be a different colour via the use of different coloured stones on top.

  • This helps the surface to match the colour of the home’s exterior, if that is what the homeowner wishes for, of course.
  • The texture also varies depending on the size of the surface stones, as they can be either extremely small or much larger.

And yet one more advantage is that it does not display any tyre marks due to it being made up of different colours, which allow for it to conceal them easily.

Professionals are a Must

As hinted at above, any exposed aggregate driveway will require the hiring of a professional service to expertly lay the surface. It will require being poured, exposed, washed, and then sealed properly for the very best results. This process may take weeks, and is not a job for any novice DIY folk!

  • It will require being sealed initially so as attain its glossy look and then needs to be resealed around every three to five years to keep its superb glossy appearance.

All homeowners are advised to sometimes give the driveway a spraying down with a hose to maintain its new look.

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