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12 steps to land an excellent cleaning service online

Cleaning services in Dubai are best for the usual housecleaning chores while you look after other things however, not all housekeeping agencies are of equal standard. Be sure of what you sign-up for before inviting an individual or entire service to your home.

Most of the cleaning services in Dubai are competent but there’re only few that break the edge and offer something rather exceptional. With internet becoming the mainstream, you can book an excellent housemaid online so check out a few steps on how to do it the right way.

  1. Make sure the cleaning staff; be it subcontractors are certified and bonded. This’ll help in protecting your property and valuables from imminent damage or loss.
  2. Better verify that anyone who enters your home is insured so that you aren’t held accountable for stumbles, scrapes and other accidents.
  3. Query satisfied customers who’ve already hooked up with the maid service and are willing to do so again.
  4. Request letter of recommendation for written evidence is always credible.
  5. Check how long the company has been in business but keep in mind that long-established ones aren’t always the best but it’s the previous success record that counts.
  6. To know about the cleaning products used during cleaning is very important. Green and natural products are always preferred however they don’t always work especially when deep cleaning is required.
  7. Cleaning services in Dubai usually come with a set of necessary tools and equipment but you should always inspect the products for safety. Also note where and how they’ll be used and don’t ever compromise on quality as inferior brands would only make things worse.
  8. Ask if the same person is assigned to your home or anew one would come to aid each time. Make a request to the agency for a single cleaner as this is better instead of calling a parade of strangers in your home.
  9. Make a list of what you want the maid to clean; be it the entire house, a single room, garage and so on. If additional chores such as grocery shopping, oven and kitchen appliance cleaning, minding the kids, cooking or any other, be sure to communicate the details beforehand and get ready to pay extra.
  10. Estimate the total time required to clean a single room based in total area in square footage including attached bathroom. If for instance after a few days, you notice the duration to complete a task has reduced, it’s possible the maid isn’t doing the work thoroughly.
  11. Once registered, keep evaluating the maid’s performance to ensure perfection and subtlety. The company is likely to provide you a frequency list to keep track of the progress.
  12. If you’re providing the cleaning products, make sure the amount isn’t included in their list. Clarify in advance whether you’ll arrange the tools and cleaning solution or let the company do the needful.


Whether going for online cleaning services in Dubai or the traditional way, follow the above steps to do it right.

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