A Comprehensive Guide to Perfect Parquet installation (Step-By-Step)

Get a precise dose for adorning your concrete floor with parquet flooring. A smart choice that décor the interior and reflect premium lifestyle.

In general, the parquet flooring comprises tempting wood tile squares fabricated with small wooden strips. Laminated wood veneers and solid wood are more common in practice.

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It never requires too many efforts for fixation. The nails or adhesive are best sources that ensured enhanced durability. Availability of parquet tiles in a myriad of colors, texture, and patterns define a new direction to style and design.

Therefore, the easiest method to attain entire flooring solution like – Edinburgh parquet, London parquet, Glasgow wood flooring, Ecore Athletic Scottish wood flooring, sports flooring, junckers flooring, boen flooring, Moduleo, etc. is the employing wood flooring contractors.

Here in this post, you will read about the easiest method to install parquet appropriately. So, in lack of any ado take your time and check them out.

Preparing the Subfloor

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Before installing parquet to a floor or subfloor never compromise to make this prepared. A little bit of efforts undoubtedly guarantees extended durability and quality fixation.

Would you like to see the installed parquet detached with the floor in a week? Perhaps No!

Make sure that dirt, dust particles, moisture, and other stuff not entangled beneath the tile. As a result, it won’t fit properly and will be removed in a week. No matter. Get indulged in the coming section to know about preparing the subfloor for flooring.

  1. Clean and mop the subfloor. Make adequate efforts to remove paint, sealants, wax, debris, and adhesives. Make sure that before the commencement of parquet flooring the subfloor is completely dry.
  2. Uniform surface level is essential. So, analyze the surface to fill a recessed area with cement and level the high area with a belt sander.
  3. Never forget to repair a damaged area on the subfloor. You must ensure that subfloor features smooth level for precise parquet installation.
  4. When you found an area of subfloor is loose never compromise to tighten it and resolve other issues if found.

Installing Parquet Flooring

Installing Parquet Flooring

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  1. First of all, find out the center of each wall and put a sign with a marker. Later, coordinate the center of opposite wall and draw a straight line. You can use chalk or other volatile accessories.
  2. Put down the parquet panels on the floor. Now, choose the center of the perpendicular intersection of the line drawn from the center of the wall and start the installation from there.
  3. Be thoughtful not to apply adhesive yet. Better would be to adjust the line first. May be the last row of panels require modifications and cutting of parquet tile.
  4. The next is the implementation of adhesive as a fixing Hold a notched trowel at 45-degree angle. Later on, apply adhesive in the adequate amount on the subfloor for the first panel to cover that area.
  5. Once, you affix the first tile follow the straight chalk lines and align accordingly for another one.
  6. Following the first panel, add adhesive to install eight panels on both sides of the first panel.
  7. Align the flooring. Hold every parquet panel at 45-degree and ensure precise alignment with the already affixed adjacent panel. After laying, use a rubber mallet to adjust in the precise
  8. Once the panel set, place another new panel into adhesive. Follow the same procedure until the eight panels completely lay down.
  9. Following the same strategies, which include applying of adhesive and fixation of parquet panels; complete one by one excepting the last row to be laid with parquets.
  10. To complete the last row, measure the panel and cut accordingly with a jigsaw.
  11. Now, it’s the time for finishing. Use a 150-pound floor roller and make rolling over newly laid panels of parquet within few hours of installment.

Final Words

Finally, you got this comprehensive guide about the installation of parquet panels. Perhaps, you will keep the things in your mind during installation at your home or office. So, if you are passionate about your interior and flooring, nothing would be precise other than parquet flooring. Flooring in Glasgow might be an excellent source of the idea for you to stay benefited.

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