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Decking Out Your Student Flat On A Budget

Students don’t tend to have a ton of spare cash to blow on interior design projects, but that doesn’t mean your flat shouldn’t feel stylish and comfortable. There are plenty of low cost ways to feel right at home in your student accommodation, regardless of how small the space you’re working with might be. Get your shopping preparation right and plan wisely to make sure you have everything you need without blowing your student loans straight away.

  1. Invest in your bed. If you’re moving into a new flat for your studies that doesn’t come with a bed, make sure you get the right mattress. Between the lectures and the parties you’ll need to make sure you get a good night’s sleep, so comfort is essential. You can drag your old bed from home along with you if you like your creature comforts, but look for new cheap mattresses melbourne to make sure your room is set up for good quality rest.
  2. Light up your space. The right lighting can make a major difference to the atmosphere of your flat. Fairy lights are super inexpensive and an absolute staple of any student accommodation. They look pretty, quirky, and add a lovely warm glow to your space. Grab a table lamp with a shade that suits your personal style to make sure your desk is properly lit for those essay writing sessions.
  3. Bring colour in. Many student flats are fairly drab before you move in, so injecting a little colour into the space will make certainly help brighten things up. Colourful, bold rugs with interesting patterns can easily be found at second hand shops or in bargain décor stores. You can also shop around online to find good deals. Break up the space with a variety of rugs, and use colourful cushions and throws to cheer up your lounge area and bring new life to an old sofa.
  4. Decorate with photos. The best way to make a student flat feel truly your own is to fill it with photographs of the people you love. Hanging picture frames can be tricky as most student accommodations don’t like you to hammer nails into the walls, but pinboards offer a great solution. Pin all of your favourite pictures up or use easily removable sticky tape to craft makeshift picture frames around your photos on the wall. Get creative with the placement of your photos to create an interesting wall feature.
  5. Print out a feature wall. If family photos and selfies with your friends aren’t your thing, you can design an awesome feature wall by printing out images you love. Most universities offer cheap printing services and you’ll seriously regret it later in life if you don’t take advantage of this now. Find your favourite art, magazine images, or inspirational quotes and organise them in an imaginativeway for your very own feature wall.
  6. Use a chalkboard to keep track. Chalkboards are a great purchase – they’re both useful and decorative. Place a large chalkboard in your kitchen or living room so everyone can write notes for each other and share their thoughts with the house. You can also use it to make to-do lists or stick up photos of your favourite memories with your flatmates.

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