Removal Process

What Happens During The Removal Process?

It helps to have a plan of action when you are moving house because this is going to streamline the entire process and you will not feel like you are running behind schedule when the moving van pulls up in front of your house.

What happens during the removal process?

Prior To The Move – Packing And Throwing Away

There are two things that you need to do prior to moving house: throw away unwanted items and pack up the items that you are keeping.

You will need to be methodical because you do not want to take any of the unwanted items with you to the brand new house. This process might take a short period of time if you only have a few possessions. However, it may take longer if you have a lot of possessions.

The most common things that you will throw away are the toys and clothes that your children have grown out of. You will want to keep useful pieces of equipment and furniture.

During The Move – Everything Is Loaded Into The Van

Everything is going to be loaded into the van prior to the move. You will not have to exert yourself at all. Instead, the strong workmen will be able to load all of your possessions into the van. You just need to oversee everything. They might have some questions about what is inside certain pieces of equipment such as cabinets.

Once everything has been loaded into the van, then the journey to the new house can begin.

The driver of the van is going to make sure that they drive carefully. The careful driving is going to make sure that they do not go over any bumps.

  • The smooth journey is going to ensure that your possessions remain completely intact.

After The Van Arrives At The New House – The Possessions Are Unloaded

The possessions are going to be unloaded at your new house. It is going to save a large amount of time if you have developed a floor plan. This is going to save time. You will be able to direct the workmen and they are going to place the furniture exactly where you need it.

  • This means that you are going to be able to put your feet up and relax in the evening.

Using The Same Company Again

The average person moves house six times in their life. This means that you will probably want to use the same company again in the future if they are still in business.

  • This is going to make the entire process simpler because you will not need to look for another company.


There is a set process before, during and after the moves. The technicians are going to be able to assist you in several different ways.

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