Fireplace Mantel to Your Home

Best Way to Bring a Unique Fireplace Mantel to Your Home

We all have a big list of items that contribute to adorn the interior as well as reflect our luxurious comfort and high living style.

But, to ensure a unique reflection and feel of luxury, we are supposed to take care of the items that we use as well as their crafting material, design, and style.

So, when the things revolve around interior décor that ensures your luxury lifestyle and comfort of premium living, then choosing an item for that effort can lead to with several apprehensions. Apart from a wide range bathtub, fireplace mantel, wall cladding, sink and kitchen hood are significant that interact continuously with you and the guests.

However, in this post, we will talk about fireplace mantle, which will let you know about distinct aspects like – material, style, and design of this and assist you in choosing the best one for you. Before moving ahead, you should know that a fireplace mantel adorns the space around the fireplace. Moreover, it contributes to enriching the ambiance of the interior conveying a warm feeling of coziness.

Thus, you should bring a unique style for decorating your home and prefer custom fireplace mantel piece such as – marble fireplace mantel, cast stone fireplace mantel, limestone fireplace mantel, etc. instead of the prefabricated mantel. So, without any delay let us go through the post.

Crafting Materials

You can use the diverse available material for your fireplace mantel. In crafting a large mantel piece, the best thing is to employ a blend of two or more materials. On the other hand, for a small one, a single material is okay. Also, you should consult a creative professional to ensure to deliver a captivating look without any issue.


MARBLE Fireplace

                                                     MARBLE Fireplace

Marble might be the best crafting material if you desire something different than ordinary. You can meet your wish of availing ornately-styled fire mantelpiece with marbles. This features enhance durability and provide with a captivating look as well as stunning shining effects.

Every piece of marble fireplace mantel secures a unique design and style because they are handcrafted from marble stone slabs. When the things come to intricacies of the grain, it varies from piece to piece. Therefore, you are required to ensure a mantelpiece that retains a unique design.


Wood Fireplace

                                                   Wood Fireplace

Likewise, other beautiful wooden items, wood fireplace mantel drive a stunning look for your interior. Though, it is widely renowned crafting material for a broad range of home décor articles. The best things that catch your attention is its versatility. It lets you stain or paint by décor to retain the uniform appearance of your home.

Moreover, employment of wood for mantels or other products opens several doors of possibilities. Some of them have an endless choice of colors. Also, you can leave the item unstained but must be sealed. This conveys a rustic look and is lovable by many people. With the affordable budget price, it ensures a long-lasting durability too.


Metal Fireplace

                                                      Metal Fireplace

Majority of people for a long time prefer wood and stone or marble for a fireplace mantel. Employment of metal might be different from tradition, but ensure a stunning interior in metal décor. In recent, this is not difficult to see such people who prefer metal home and interior decoration in contrast to other.

For such purpose, the reclaimed materials like – copper and tin are frequently used. A fire mantel piece crafted from metal stays original and functional for a long period to come.

Size of Mantel

The above ‘material’ section deliver a good articulation for employment of crafting a fireplace mantel. What material to choose? The choice is yours.

Moving ahead, this section ‘Size’ requires special attention while fabricating a mantel, about which we are going to discuss, and you must know to follow.

The first thing you should see while opting a mantel that must fit precisely in the living space. A selection of oversize mantel will make the fireplace to look smaller conveying an eccentric scene for the room. However, you can prevent your room from the clumsy and unfinished look. For this, first, you can measure the surround of the fireplace along with height and width that helps you to choose the best size.

Later, check out the codes of local building and measurements to determine the space left between the firebox and the new mantel. If your mantel will be larger than the fireplace surround, it makes the look of your room clumsy.

One general rule that you must keep in mind to maintain the length and breadth of the fireplace in appropriate proportion. This eventually please your eyes than a misappropriate one.

Fireplace Mantel Style

Once you have selected the material and size, the next thing to consider is the style of mantel you are going to accommodate your home. However, for many rooms, the mantel is the focal point. So you should care while taking a fireplace mantel that suits with home furnishing even retain its statement. Below are some styles you can avail for the mantel.


Classic- the term sense something like traditional. However, the traditional fireplace mantels crafted with marble or wood. Also, it caters special caution on painting and carving to match with woodwork in the room and stay stand out among them respectively.


Rustic fireplace mantles are crafted from rough-hewn wood and came in sanded or stained. Also, the stone fireplaces with a blend of wooden mantel give a stunning look.


The modern fireplace mantles may be of wood, marble, metal or blend of several materials that deliver an intelligent look and appearance. You will find this mantel adaptive and can be prepared to match any interior.

Thus, these are some points to consider before choosing the right kind of fireplace mantel for your home. In addition to this, you should know about some specific articles that can be selected precisely by using the information delivered in this post. They are marble bathtubs, Granite bathtubs, Travertine bathtubs, cast stone surround, precast fireplaces, cast stone range hood, stone kitchen range hoods, cast stone wall cladding and much more.

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