Choosing the Right Coating for Concrete Floors

Throughout the last thirty years, concrete floors have gone from having almost no protection to having several complicated coating or surfacing processes.

The main purpose of concrete floor coatings is to provide additional benefits such as protection from wear, skid marks, along with aesthetics, ease of maintenance, improved performance, and other properties. Few elements in a building take more abuse than flooring, whether it’s an industrial or a commercial facility.

Vulnerability to Many Types of Damage

Floors are subjected to many different types of abuse, including abrasion, chemical, impact, and thermal shock damage. Concrete flooring isn’t designed to handle this type of abuse over long periods of time, as they are porous and eventually generate dust from abuse and wear.

This is why concrete floors require sufficient protection to last for many years, but you need to determine which type of protection is most suitable for the specific environment.

Selecting the Proper Floor Coating Systems

The process of selecting a coating system, writing of detailed specifications, and preparation of in-depth application procedures will provide the owner with a basis for making the right decisions regarding concrete floor coating.

Here we’ll go over the complete selection process to help you find the right product for installation.

Material Selection

To choose the right materials for your concrete floor coating, you should first evaluate the surface of the floor, and determine what you’re working with. Make sure the surface is clean, uncontaminated, and structurally sound so it bonds sufficiently with the coating system.

Also, consider the performance conditions, such as the type of damage that the floor will likely take. Other considerations include aesthetics, installation parameters, life expectancy of the flooring, and economics.

Application Procedures and Material Properties

Review all technical data, performance characteristics, and installation procedures for materials that are likely to be used. In many cases, reviewers must compare test methods to find the differences in reported values for flooring systems.

Professional assistance is recommended to fully understand all gathered data, and help you make the right decision.

Types and Thickness

At this point in the selection process, the type of material, thickness, and application should be clearer. Coatings for concrete are classified by thickness, polymer type, appearance, and finish.

While thickness and appearance aren’t so challenging to figure out, it can be difficult to determine polymer type because of the complex data. Again, a professional can help determine this.

Get Professional Installation

When you’ve finally determined which type of concrete floor coating material is best, you should contact professionals for installation. In many cases, the same professionals who assist with material selection will provide installation to ensure success.

With a complete floor coating solution, your floors can benefit from maximum protection for many years, avoiding the kind of wear and damage that could occur otherwise. Getting efficient flooring installations can also help you save money in the long term, keeping your floors cost-effective at all times.

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