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What are Tips for How to Clean a Chimney?

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Chimney fires can take place any time and the fire spreads quickly. So your house is always under the risk in such situations. Regular chimney services and maintenance can decrease this risk. And with the help of modern machinery and getting the professional services will keep the house in safety zone. The creosote oil that gets collected needs to be took out as it creates the danger of hazardous pollutants and also chimney fires. To get rid of this you can install Carbon monoxide detectors on each floor and schedule your chimney sweeping and maintenance at the start of the year. If you think that the chimney is not working well, there is more smoke than other times or there is reeks coming from chimney then you should start taking steps to clean it immediately. Hope the over mentioned chimney cleaning tips gives you the idea of what to do.

Chimney cleaning must be done once or twice a year. It is very important to maintain and service the chimney properly and time to time to avoid hazards such as chimney fire, home fire etc. One should take away the soot, blockages and built-up creosote from their chimney liner, firebox, smoke chamber and damper. This sweeping will help generate a safer operation of your system during the heating system. It takes only a small accumulation of creosote glazing to create the potential for a chimney fire. Creosote is an exceedingly flammable substance that sizes up inside your chimney or liner as a result of burning wood.

Here are some Chimney cleaning tips:

Look whether the chimney requires to be cleaned: Chimneys must be cleaned at least once a year, and more often if you use your fireplace more often. If you sweep clean your chimney once a year, do it at the right time that is in the right season, before the burning season begins. Otherwise, there is a risk of sparking of a chimney fire the first time you light up your fireplace in the winter.

Chimney flue Scan: In this technique, the remote image inspection camera is set which is designed in such a way that it can be pushed inside the chimney to observe the condition of the internal parts of it. This camera gives the overview of the chimney interior to the owner and the chimney sweep. 

Hiring a professional: You can consider hiring a professional chimney sweep in London to get this work done as they can do it better and the results will be accurate and long lasting. Chimney sweep repairs and maintains the chimney; with experience they can also do the installations of new chimney.

Determine your chimney flue. To sweep your chimney, you’ll have to use tools of accurate size. Measure the sides of your chimney from the bottom to the top, through the fireplace. You can also climb up a ladder and measure it from the top. Identify the size and shape of the flue. It will be either square or round, 6″ or 8.” Also identify the height of the chimney. If you’re predicting, it’s better to overemphasize, so you have more than enough additional rope or piping to ensure the chimney brush can cover the complete length of the chimney.


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