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Adding A Wood Stove in Existing Fireplace

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Wood burning stove installation is the best way to get rid of the London’s winter chills. Stove installation in an existing fireplace helps you keep your home warm without having to sacrifice any warmth which may escape in case of a traditional fireplace. Traditional fireplaces are a bad conductor of heat. Therefore, one can easily find many wood burning stoves in London that can be installed in existing fireplaces.Wood stove installation in an existing fireplace is an easy task for someone with basic DIY experience or experience in fitting and tightening. If you are confident with your skills then you may go ahead with stove installation in an existing fireplace by following the below-mentioned steps.

  1. The chimney check

Before you start, you must check the whether the chimney flue is suitable for stove installation as some chimneys could be blocked or contaminated. Especially in the case of older fireplaces, the chimney may not be suitable for a modern home setup. If your chimney is blocked or poorly ventilated then stove installation should be done a little further up the flue. If you find your chimney to be completely suitable then you may proceed with the regular stove installation method.

  1. Pipes installation

Once you are done with checking the chimney, the next step is to install the pipes. For this, you must make a hole in the flue where the stove pipe would enter from outside. You can use a masonry hammer to clear bricks and stones coming by way of the pipe. After making the required hole, you can insert the pipe in it from outside.

  1. Fix the hole

After you are done with inserting the pipe in the hole hammered out by you, you will extra space left around the pipe. You will have to now fix the hole by putting in the bricks you previously took down. Secure the hole firmly with the bricks you took down by shaping them as required.

  1. Add a Damper

By now you are almost done with stove installation process. The fireplace flue will require a damper below the place where the stove penetrates the wall. The damper would help in preventing the toxic gases from entering back inside. These dampers can be purchased locally. You must install these dampers at the beginning of the flue and then secure the air holes using sheet steel insulation and caulk.

  1. Finishing

After sealing and securing all the edges and holes, leave the caulk to dry and install a carbon monoxide alarm to ensure total protection. Though this would complete the stove installation process, you can use your stove only once the caulk dries.

You can now enjoy the warmth of wood burning stove installed by you. In case you find any issues while fitting or unavailability of technical knowledge regarding the installation of the wood burning stove, you may take assistance or help of a professional wood stove fitter who can easily install the wood burning stove, within little time.

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