Commercial Painting – A Guide to Sourcing the Right Contractor

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If the time is fast approaching for you to repaint your factory or office, there is much to consider. In order to get real value for money, you ideally want something that will last for many years and will also be very pleasing to the eye, and with so many commercial painting contractors, all vying for a place in the market, it can be hard to know which way to turn. If you are about to look for quotations for such a project, the following advice should help to make an informed decision.

Established and Experienced

Commercial contracts are on a different scale to a domestic repaint, and the ideal contractor would be local, and would also have a good reputation within the industry. They would likely have a long list of happy clients, and would be happy to furnish any potential customer with a few addresses, where they can view some of the contractor’s work. The Internet is always a good source of reliable information, and with a simple online search, you could easily locate commercial painters in Perth, or any other city, for that matter.

Product Advice

If you are like most people, you will have limited knowledge of modern paint and coating products, and by calling in a professional company, they can help you select a product that ticks all the boxes for you, and with a range of colours and finishes, they would soon be able to deliver a competitive quote. It might work out that a texture coating would offer better results, and with the harsh Australian climate, texture coating is the ideal solution for many exterior surfaces.

Outside Office Hour Working

Flexibility is the name of the game with commercial painting, and very often, the contract is carried out while the client’s business is still operating. If you can’t afford to shut shop for a week while the painters are in, there are companies who will work around the customer’s schedule, and weekend and evening work is regularly undertaken.


It is often the case when a commercial premises is shutting down for a specific reason, and it makes sense to best utilise the time by having the painting done at the same time. Such a project would require an experienced team of commercial painters who can work to strict timelines, and with adequate resources, a large commercial painting company could add manpower at any time, should the need arise.

Range of Applications

Commercial painting often requires air gun application, or it might be rolled on, with wide brushes to fill in the corners and edges, but whatever the application, make sure the company you choose has had experience with the technique. Air spray is very popular due to the speed and evenness of the layer, and in many cases, it leaves a very professional finish.

Whatever your situation or needs, if you are looking for a good commercial painter, the above information should help you to make an informed decision.

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