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Pro Tips: Make your Home a “Summer” Ready one

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Residential real estate market is hot and intense during summer season; not because of the weather but to sell the units before winter. This fierce competition means you should probably have some trick up your sleeves to garnish residential units for sale. Here’s what you need to do and how!

Put up some plants

A quick and catchy fact; scientific research has concluded that one tree has the tendency to cool the environment more than ten air-conditioners put together. That’s not all; a healthy tree can filter 27,000 kilograms of air pollutants per year so that’s one of the biggest pro.

Residential properties in well-planted areas attract more sales and owners or developers can even sell the units on profit. So it’s about time you slip on those gardening gloves and start planting which is a convenient, eco and pocket-friendly way to add colour and curb appeal for onlookers.

An outdoor living area

Perhaps the best thing to do in summer is enjoy basking in the sun with a fruit drink in one hand and barbecue steak on the other! This is possible and enjoyed best if residential properties feature a lush and spacious outdoor living area.

To have an inviting outdoor living area can add uniqueness from other homes in the market and also helps in driving up the price tag. While it isn’t entirely a novel idea, a real estate survey report revealed that renovations in residential units rose above 150 percent.

In developed countries, an average household spends more or less $70 per year on appealing outdoor furniture but to take the competition to the next level, you need spending a little bit more thereby adding value to your home.

Keep it cool all the way around

While basking in the sun to enjoy summer is all-time favourite, retreating to a cooler interior by and over is truly a wonderful experience. A nice, cool and cosy interior doesn’t have to be equipped with air-conditioning units all over but cool paint, plants and eco-friendly furniture is the best and natural way to keep an interior cool all the way. Potential visitors are likely to get appealed and purchase the unit at initially set price.

Repairs & upgrades

Yet another way to add flair and modernism to the existing units or even in new developments is performing common repairs and upgrade with modern features. However, upgrades and repairs are effective in terms of both cost and appeal factor in already developed residential properties.

Always remember that potential visitors would look cautiously for anything to negotiate over the cost so you just need to be a step ahead with perfect repairs and upgrades. Don’t forget fixing that leaky faucet, mend the cracked tile in the bathroom and replace that peeled wallpaper in the bedroom.

Cleanliness goes a long way

While repairs and upgrades are important, keeping a home clean and tidy from top to bottom is utterly important. When preparing a property for show-and-tell, better clear the clutter, organise everything in a professional way and remove personal belongings that may obstruct something appealing.

Advertising tips & tricks

Promotional strategies have a huge impact on anything especially when it comes to residential properties. Depending on how you take off, advertising can either make or break entire selling campaign so make sure you do it right following the tips given below;

  • Be proactive on social media especially channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as they’re trendiest.
  • A professional company blog (if you’ve one) is an excellent way to publish crisp and unique content for the audience out there.
  • Free online listing services are good but if you can spare some extra dough, go for paid services that’ll surely connect to legitimate buyers.


Before closing the article, I’d like to add a word for one apartment rental firm in Dubai for sharing such amazing inside information around the topic. Remember that real estate industry is always in a flux so you need moving along to keep ahead of the competition and keep above details in mind for long-term success.

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