Exterior Lighting – Not For Front Doors Anymore

Exterior lighting has expanded beyond the front door. Owners are now designing their lighting plan and creating a balance between the inside and outside of their homes. Rather than seeing a dark wall through a window at night. Homeowners are now creating exterior lighting fixtures beautifully and with a variety of LED lightings. By doing so they make it look good and invite the outdoors into the home.

Technology has made the outdoor lighting less expensive and maintenance free. Comparing LED with red-hot bulb, which is 6 times more efficient and lasts 12 times longer. Now technology has gone to greater level as you can now control them through your Smartphone’s for better control of timing and lighting levels.

Now the important question is how to select the right Exterior Hanging Lights for your home, here are some basic things; 

  1. Size

If you are planning to replace your old fixtures then do not assume you require the exact same as older one and avoid going with the smaller one. Always remember that the light being emitted in the showroom will only look half that size in the actual setting, so when deciding between two choose the larger one.

  1. Color

Bronze color is the most popular among all. Black is also suited for most of the exterior designs, but if you are planning for some other color, then chooses a color that will complement the color scheme of your home’s exterior.

  1. Style

Get the best style for your exterior hangings, identify the important architectural features of your home and make your choice accordingly. Priority should be given to the front door when you are choosing light fixtures as this is the most important door. You can then plan the other part of your home once you are done with this one. Try to choose other light fixtures that will complements with the one you have chosen for the front door.

  1. Energy Savings

It is always recommended to choose energy-saving lighting such as CFLs. These lights may cost you a bit higher when purchasing them, but in the long run they will prove to be the most efficient, long lasting light fixtures and lowering your electricity bill as compared to red-hot bulbs. 

If you have already installed exterior lighting, do not worry, take your red-hot bulb to experts and they will advice you on LED replacement bulbs. They are Exterior Hanging Lights experts!

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