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5 Situations Where Portable Toilets Come In Extremely Handy

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Portable toilets have become a necessary part of outdoor events. It is not too often that you find out about a successful outdoor event which didn’t have a place for people to freshen up. Therefore, for any outdoor event, be it a wedding, a party, a concert, a horserace, a festival or even a non-event likea buildingconstruction site, you need to make such facilities available.

You can see many different kinds of portable toilets in the market these days, each one with various specialisedfunctionalities and features to attract people. Some have a self-cleaning system, as much as possible, some have more space and are therefore more suitable for old or disabled personnel.Portable toilets with a mains connectioni.e. direct link to the sewage line, as well as those with a sealed waste disposal tank are all available for hire.

What type of toilet should you buy? It depends on the size and importance of the event, and your budget capacity. In this piece, we will be looking at five situations where having a portable toiletfacility nearby saves everyone a lot of hassle.


Usually,at weddings, a large number of people are invited.The ceremonies, too, last a few hours at least. In such a scenario, if the wedding is outdoor and at a locationwhere no toilets and restroomsare nearby, you would do well to make sure that an appropriate number of portable toilets are hired.Those units should be regularly cleaned and supplied by the maintenance crew too.


Outdoor parties are loads ofentertainmentand enjoyment, especially for children, due to lots of room and generally, barbeque.These parties oftenend up being somewhat of a picnic and party hybrid at the same time. However, here too, you need portable toilets or some other civilisedmeans of dispensing with human body wastes. Depending on the number of guests and the duration of the whole party, you should hire a suitable number of portable toilet units to ensure no one is deprived of any fun.


Hundreds of people show up for even the most minor of concerts, much more for the big ones. Cutting straight to the chase, we believe portable toilets are very important in makingsure your concert is successful, in case it isn’t being held in an arena. Apart from hiring portable toilet units, you also need constant maintenance of those units throughout a big concert, especially during a break when everyone wants to go freshen themselves up.

Public Festivals

During public festivals, there may not be a fixed time interval where everyone heads to the toilet at the same time like it happens in concerts or sports events, but the portable toilets do remain busy at all times, even if not as extensively. Therefore, it is imperative that outdoor festivals and melees have portable toilet units available if no other restrooms are there.

Construction Sites

The workers and builders at a construction site are better off using portable toilets – which you should hire for them – than trying to go in search of a nearby public toilet. This would save time for you and them both. If it is possible, you can also connect the main sewage line to the outflow of the portable toilets, giving you the perfect means to dispose of the waste too.


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