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Are you ignoring your new home’s need for an interior design?

The risks are very high if you ignore the need for designing your first home. Many new age homebuyers in Bangalore and other cities too leave the major part of the work to be done by the builders and developers due to a busy schedule. Then, they make another severe mistake of ignoring the need for a design element. Yes, it is difficult to visualize the entire interior to the untrained mind. This is where the professionals step in. Look out for the best interior design firms in Bangalore, which can help in several turnkey projects of a new home that may include designing of the rooms, installation of modular kitchens, wardrobes, landscaping and exteriors. A few mistakes are highlighted here which the first time homemakers in the garden city may make and how the experts can be trusted to do a better job.

interior design

Common errors

Often kitchen is the first space to be designed in a home no matter which city you live in. In Bangalore, the need to utilize the space as per Vaastu design is also important. An interior design company, Bangalore, which is hired for the work, will have the knowledge to create the right balance of utility and appeal in the kitchen with proper installation of cabinets and color schemes. But often homemakers ignore certain things and put style before comfort, which they regret later. Something that looks stylish might not look good and you might not be comfortable using it either. From secure doors and windows to weatherproof paints there are several things that need to be taken care of. If you try to arrange everything by yourself then there are chances of making expensive mistakes. This is one of the reasons it is advisable for people in Bangalore to hire designers who work around tight budgets.

interior design

From using quality materials to making use of the available space, designers know what is important and make it look good as well. There are several essentials for each room, something that cannot be ignored. Here’s a list of the essentials that designers will not compromise with:

  1. There is a lot of planning that goes into the process before the designing. Sit together with the designers and contractors before the work begins.
  1. Keep space constraints in mind, as kitchen needs safety features too. Lighting and fans, appliances, other fixtures should be placed in the right manner. An experienced person should be consulted for the same. Kitchen cabinets should be well organized if there are kids in the house. Every kitchen needs good ventilation for smoke to filter out when deep-frying is done. Strong spices should also not permeate into other rooms. A countertop and flooring that can be cleaned easily is the most popular in modern kitchens. Wall colors and sinks should be appropriate for the design. Dark colors make the kitchen smaller.
  1. A designer can also help homeowners to make it energy efficient. You can trust the best interior designers in Bangalore to suggest ways to do so with lighting, fixtures and space constraints.
  1. Another thing that buyers ignore is that they need to adapt to the space they have and not depend on the model that the builder showcases. It is like expecting a dress to look good on you if it looks good on the model or mannequin.
  1. Many designers offer upgrades and extras that people avoid as they feel they have to pay more. It goes out of the main budget. But if you look into it long term for maintenance then it makes sense to make that payment for upgrade. This would be applicable if is mentioned in the contract. At least discuss it with the designer and take opinion. An example of this would be to develop the backyard at a later stage or add decorations after sometime in the rooms.

Conservative homeowners may score on certain points but when it comes to professional expertise leave it to the designers.

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