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Do you really need luxury bed linen for a beautiful home?

Bed linen is the necessity to add life to the bedroom. When we talk about bed linen, it covers everything from a bedsheet to pillow covers, duvets, quilts, throw pillow, bed covers and other things that make the bed complete. Earlier people used to look for simple and normal bed linens as this was just a necessity, not a decorative piece. But contemporary people don’t feel satisfied with simple bed linen used to cover the bed and pillows. They need designer bed linen that gives their dull and simple bedroom a stylish look.

When talking about designer bed linen, most of the people mix it with the luxurious bed linen. Those who wish to buy designer bedding solutions avoid it because they consider it too expensive. Undoubtedly, luxury linen is the best way to spruce up the bedroom, it is not always true. If you can find designer bed linen online, you can still add charm to your bedroom without making a hole in your pocket.

Though buying luxury bed linen has its own advantages like durability and a class. If you can afford expensive bed linen, it is better to invest in one high-quality set than multiple cheap ones that look old and worn out in 2-3 washes. Another benefit of luxury bed linen is that you can hand over this to your next generations as your prized possession.

After knowing that you don’t just need luxury bedding solutions to add life to your bedroom, let’s have a look at some ideas to bring a new level comfort to your sleeping dens.

Mixed doubles

If you want to create a fresh, spring-like feel in your bedroom, layering with an eclectic mix of prints and bold floral bed sheets is a right idea. You can have fun with different shades, prints and designs by exploring the bed linen collection online. Home furnishing stores like Maspar also help you add a seasonal element to your bedroom, by updating their collection with every season.

Soft touch

How about decorating your bedroom with a printed cotton satin bedsheet? The USP of this bed linen is unique fabric weaving technique. The cotton bedsheet gives you silk-like touch and luster appeal due to more warp threads on the top surface. These designer and comfortable bed sheets are perfect for a soft touch while you relax in your bedroom.

White and bright

Are you bored of using white for bed linen? Shake up things a little by combining the perennial white with other bright shades like blue. You can level up your linen game by using a vibrant peacock shade for duvet covers and pillow covers. Don’t mind shelling out a few extra bucks for added charm, beauty, breathability, softness and high-quality.


Cotton, hemp, and silk are the traditional and natural fibers used for bed sheets. But today, you get various other options as well, like polyester, rayon, percale, sateen, velvet etc. All these fabric qualities are used for designer bed linen available online due to their rich and beautiful look.

There are many reasons behind increasing demand of designer bed linen in India. These not just improve the quality of sleep, but also make your room look more elegant, beautiful and designer. So next time when you plan bed linen online shopping, don’t just look for luxury options but the ones that are the perfect blend of design, richness, and durability.

For a huge collection of designer bed linen online, you can visit India’s leading home furnishing store Maspar.

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