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Impressive and Unique Wall Lights Possibilities For a Chic Home

Decorating home with designer lights has got easier now with the easy availability of multiple designs in the online lighting stores. Just visit any online decorative light store and you will be bombarded with hundreds of choices to buy lights for every corner of your home.

One of the most common lighting types used in almost every home is wall light. Gone are the days when you had to manage with limited designs of wall sconces to brighten up your room. Today the market is full of numerous textured glass wall lights in different shapes, sizes, and designs. If you are bored of using the typical lights, here are a few options that not just beautify your home but also light it up perfectly.

In this blog, you will find a variety of wall light shapes and designs to pick the best option for your dream home.


Pendant style light is a no-brainer for the people who prefer a spherical shape. Brands like Fos Lighting offer a variety of spherical pendant lights in minimalist design and different colors. Sphere pendant lights in bronze color with a rustic feel make a great option for those who want antique lights in India. As far as hardware is concerned, based on your budget and home décor, you can look for different choices. These spherical lights look great both over a dining room table and in a game room. 


Online lighting stores offer ample choices of fancy rectangle shaped lights. The purpose of investing money in these lights is not just limited to brightening up the room but also creating a unique play of light and shadows for an interesting construction on walls. Available in various colors, rectangle shaped wall lights are made from crafted glass panels to enhance the beauty of area wherever these are installed. Having a perfect combination of style and substance, these lights are ideal for the buyers who have doubt of going wrong with their choice of wall lights.

When not illuminated these work as a decorative piece and when illuminated these create unique visual effects to add grace to your room.


If you like cylindrical shape for lighting fixtures, there is no dearth of choices. From wall sconces to lamps and pendant lights, everything can be found in cylindrical shapes. Textured glass wall light from Fos Lighting is a great example of a gorgeous cylindrical light for a contemporary home. Based on the theme and color of your home, you can buy a suitable color to create the perfect visual appeal.

These lights work well in any room from the game room to living room and bedroom where you want to enjoy reading some books before going to bed.


This lighting shape is perfect for different wall scones. The lighting cover is attached to the lighting hardware that creates a beautiful piece of wall art. To give unique look to the light, a hand-textured art glass is accentuated with different hardware like chain-link, rope, pipes etc. If you want your guests to just say ‘wow’ when visiting your home, half-cylinder lights are ideal for you.

These designer yet functional lights look great both inside as well as outside of your home as this blend well with the surroundings.

Who says that modern textured glass wall lights are just to decorate the home? With an impressive range of designer yet functional lights, brands like Fos Lighting have proved that if selected well, these can serve both the purposes. Online stores in India give your plenty of options to buy the best lights in varied shapes, sizes, materials, designs, and colors.

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