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LED Grow Lights to Boost Medical Cannabis Growth in Wisconsin

Recently, two lawmakers in Wisconsin unveiled proposals to legalize the use of medical cannabis in a conference held in Madison. For a long time, lawmakers in this area were working towards introducing the medical marijuana measure but they were not successful until now.  Medical research shows that cannabis could work in the best ways to treat diseases and improve symptoms.  However, this research has not undergone rigorous tests, due to the restriction in productions, (insufficient LED grow lights for winter periods), or other regulations imposed by the government.

Evidence suggests that medical cannabis can help to reduce vomiting and nausea during chemotherapy. It can help to improve the appetite of people who have diseases like HIV/AIDS, and treat muscle spasms and chronic pain.

Generally, there is a stigma around the use of medical marijuana as a medication, but most cities in the US are trying to change the way people perceive it. Certainly, when a doctor prescribes it and if it could help to cure a medical condition, then there is nothing wrong in its consumption. Just as any other opiate goes through the normal process, so should medical marijuana.

After CBD Oil, Cannabis Production to Legalize in Wisconsin

Back in 2014, Wisconsin legalized the use of CBD oil in limited amounts, but the measure did not allow in-state production. Today, this makes it impossible for patients to access legal low THC (tetrahydocannabinol) products. Unlike marijuana products, which are plant derived with high concentrations of THC, hemp oil products are non-psychoactive.

The bill is still in process, but once final, production on a large scale would be the next step. In other cities across US, the production of medical cannabis is legal. At a slow pace, cannabis is proving to be an effective alternative for medical problems without needing a plethora of pills. Using a variety of methods, administering medical marijuana is possible by vaporizing the plant, eating edibles of cannabis, using lozenges, capsules, dermal sprays, and patches.  Over time, growers can ensure proper yield of their indoor cannabis, even during winter periods.

Installation of LED Grow Lights for Indoor Cannabis

Wisconsin has a warm and humid summer climate with very cold winters. The highest temperatures are as high as 460 C (1140 F), and as low as -480 C (-550 F). It also receives a large amount of snowfall annually, a time cannabis growers may face problems with their indoor gardening tasks.  One thing great about cannabis is that they could grow well outdoors and indoors provided you cater to all their requirements like light, water, and temperature.

LED grow lights come with different light spectrums, which serve as boosters for plants during their photosynthesis process. Plants outdoors take their energy from sun, convert it into chemical energy, and produce oxygen and glucose.  When you install LED grow lights, they take care of the photosynthesis process at anytime of the day in an indoor growing environment.

Especially during their flowering, the use of LED grow lights helps to speed up their growth by 30%.  These lights not only find the mot efficient method of converting electricity to light intensity needed by plants for growth, but they also do not waste electricity as heat like many other grow lights do. The reduction in heat leads to a reduction in need for cooling the grow space, as too hot of temperature can damage the plants. Higher quality products such as G8 LED grow lights also give a better yield of higer quality plant product.

More Yield and Healthier Cannabis

LED grow lights could help to enhance the growth of cannabis by a great amount. These lights help to keep the grow space free from the effects of pests. When pests come under the blue LED lights with wavelength that range from 417-467 nm, they die in their eggs, pupae, or larvae stage. Usually, this happens because the light causes immature insects to die in their cell stage by producing Reactive Oxygen Species.

These lights also help to maintain a stable environment for cannabis plants. Since plants absorb the light energy, they give off less heat and keep the environment safe. They do not consume excessive power; rather they help to cut down power costs by 50-60%. Growers do not need to worry about overhead expenses since LEDs do not require other components such as magnetic ballasts and extra venting systems.

Medical cannabis can change the lives of many patients who otherwise would have to use chemical alternatives or be left without a cure. Once it becomes fully legal to grow in Wisconsin, cannabis could help to cure a number of health problems and stop patients spending more on pills with unwanted side effects. Wisconsin is taking the right steps towards this goal.

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