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How to clean the windows in your home like a pro?

Ever thought how to clean the windows in your home like a professional?  If yes, the details below would definitely help you do it like an expert and relatively quickly. Start by gathering necessary supplies!

Essential cleaning supplies

  • A commercially bought or homemade windows washing solution
  • Squeegee with an extension pole for treating the exterior windows of an upper floor
  • Rags or towels to prevent drips
  • Clean piece of cloth to wipe or another dry squeegee
  • Scrubber to wash the windows with that can be a non-lint cloth, sponge or any other soft yet clean fabric
  • A spray bottle or large bucket

Before you begin

If it’s a seasonal treatment such as spring cleaning; you might as well wash other parts of the windows like the frames, sills, screens and so on. In this case, there’re some additional steps to take before you begin thus preventing streaks or ending up messing the glass windows even more. Check out the steps below;

Step – 1: Wash

Dip the squeegee in a windows cleaning solution and rub in a single direction that can be left to right or top to bottom. Don’t wash in circular or else you’ll leave behind streaks! The goal is to wet the windows sufficient enough to wash, not drip all through!

Step – 2: Dry

Extract all the cleaning solution using a squeegee and dry the windows completely. For an absolute professional touch, move the squeegee across the top in horizontal left to right thus preventing the trickles.

Next move is to draw the sponge in vertical direction from top to bottom and the third movement is also vertical by overlapping strokes from left to right. It’ll prevent streaks and take additional water in a corner from where cleaning would be much easier.

Finish by passing the squeegee at the bottom from left to right but do it carefully thus preventing extra drips and streaks.

Tips from expert’s desk

  • Do your best to wash the windows from top to bottom as it keeps dirty streaks on the area that has been cleaned already
  • Prevent washing the windows in direct sunlight as it’ll dry the cleaning solution quickly thereby leaving white smudges
  • Wash both sides of the windows for best results
  • In case exterior windows are too elevated and cleaning them is risky, better let a professional manage the task instead

How to dry without a squeegee?

The secret of window cleaning isn’t actually washing them downright but how you dry without any stripes and drips is more important. This is only possible with a sponge or industrial-grade microfiber cloth for super results. Just in case you don’t have one, here’re some alternative products;

  • A lint-free cloth but you need a lot of pieces because when completely saturated, they leave behind streaks and dirty the glass further
  • Paper towels are also good as long as they don’t leave paper debris
  • Newspapers come last in the list as they might leave behind paper debris as well as ink depending on quality of paper and toner


Let the above details answer how to clean the windows in your home like a typical expert!

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