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Avoid the ‘interior designer is a carpenter syndrome’-Hire a dead-on professional

Stunning interiors are definitely the creation of professional designers. Yet, disgruntled clients refer to them as ‘mere carpenters’ when they do not understand the work or have a clash with their creative juices. Professionals just don’t decorate, but visualize and create decors, style spaces that evoke admiration. Bangalore has some distinctive stylists who hire carpenters if need be. But they function, as interior designers in Bangalore not carp their way into business. Decide who do you need-a designer or a decorator? We state their individualistic functions for you to make up your mind, for the best casa mia (my house) project in town.

Say ‘cheers’ to a chic household

Good interiors make up a chunk of the budget for any homemaker. The starting point always is the kitchen. So, let’s begin with it as part of knowing who will design it? If you browse for home interiors, Bangalore, there are few professional firms that exclusively deal in kitchen work. If you are looking for a modular kitchen for a 2 BHK apartment then buy it from the mall. If you enjoy culinary delights and the journey of cooking for the family, a nicely designed pantry is essential. No decorator can provide inputs to enhance it. But if there is an idea in your head then talk to a designer. He will add his view and ensure that technicalities are also covered to make your kitchen dream come true. Now, you may have to say cheers to that! He will charge a penny or two more than the decorator down the road! Chose a firm of interior designers in Bangalore or an independent professional. He will work on a quotation and not simply ask, ‘what is your budget’ and work towards it. A decorator may do such a thing and compromise styling in the bargain. His input will only be the hired labor, to execute the job. This in short, is the difference between the designer and decorator category. Now you must know the power of the interior designer over the decorator.

The following information will further make you take a clear decision.

Just beautiful things to ponder 

Choosing interior designers, Bangalore can be a daunting task. There are so many of them operating in various areas. Each designer may have the qualification but may lack experience. Hence, to pick one is difficult. If there is a choice of interior design firms in Bangalore then check their credentials. A designing firm will have professional designers with experience on hand for home interiors or office spaces. If your requirement is for the home, then browse specifically for home interiors, Bangalore. If kitchen is the place you like to hang out on a holiday for long, then a designer will be able to offer some dead- tips to make it more comfortable-It won’t look like a mere pantry but a proper place where great food is made for the family and guests. If you have children, a thoughtful décor will include some safety features- maybe adding a small table and chair for the kid/s to play with clay or dough while mother is cooking. A designer will make sure that you do not clutter the kitchen and leave some breathing space for the smoke to go out of the vent or window. A lesser-stacked kitchen also means more room to navigate when hurried breakfasts have to be prepared during rush hour on weekdays. These kinds of thoughts would come from either you or the designer…but not from the decorator.

Be on the same page

Moving on to the last nail… (Not in the coffin but the kitchen), interior design firms in Bangalore provide 3D renderings of the project. Many firms are now offering affordable quotes for apartment interiors. Giving an approval to execute the work is easy. When you are able to visualize how the space is being refurbished or done up, then both of you will be on the same page. With a contractor or decorator, there can be some mismatch with the vision.

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