5 Steps You Can Take To Make Sure Your Carpets Remain Clean

Carpets are an item that most of us have had some experience with at some point in our life. When you have a carpet at your home or office or anywhere else, you need to take good care of it so that its benefits always outweigh any harmful effects a dirty or poorly maintained carpet may have.
There are several ways you can go about cleaning and maintaining your carpets. Some are rather short-term and quick fixes and cost either nothing or negligible amounts if you are to hire a professional.

Whereas other methods are more in depth and make sure that no dirt or germs or bacteria remain in the carpet, however, the cost of such methods, as well as the time required to complete them, are much more demanding.


Let us talk about five simple steps you can take to keep your carpets clean and fully maintained.


Sweeping is really simple, use a brush or a sweeper to collect the litter and dirt on the carpet into one place and then dispose it off. If you don’t have the facility to vacuum your carpet regularly, then sweeping really is the next best option as far as domestic cleaning methods are concerned.

You can’t go wrong with sweeping daily or every other day provided your broom is clean and not dirty. Of course, brooms can’t be completely clean but as long as it looks clean on close inspection, it is good to go.


Vacuuming is the more advanced form of sweeping and most of the tome, far more effective. However, the use of a vacuum cleaner requires a vacuum cleaner and the presence of electricity, therefore, if there is a place where one of these two things is absent, then you can revert back to sweeping.

Daily vacuuming of a carpet will keep it much cleaner and fresher than if you take don’t vacuum daily. Doing the former would not let the dust and the dirt settle in the deeper parts of the carpet and hence the softness of the carpet will remain.


If push comes to shove, you can simply wash your carpet in your own domestic way. It is not right to let the dust settle into the carpet in the first place, but if you can remedy that by simply washing it, you should do so. However, once you do that, you will also have to let the water dry and you wouldn’t be able to use the carpet in that time. The room or place where that carpet is installed would have t become a “no-go area” for some time.
The advantage of this method is that you don’t have to spend money hiring the professionals, you can do it yourself.


Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning of a carpet is a rather more comprehensive way of cleaning a carpet without using a lot of water or steam. It is a method frequently used by trained carpet cleaning professionals and people are usually discouraged to try it out themselves as it can be dangerous since it involves handling chemicals.

Dry carpet cleaning is done with the help of dry chemicals and cleaning solvents which can be placed on the carpet. These chemicals then break down whatever soil or dirt that accumulates inside the fibres of the carpet.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is also known as “Hot Water Extraction” as it employs the use of very hot water to clean the carpet instead of actual steam. However, the method is called “steam cleaning” because it has a very steamy look due to the use of extremely hot water.

In this process, very hot water is sprayed with a cleaning lubricant at the carpet at a very high pressure and immediately extracted with the help of a vacuum. The sudden drive into the roots of the carpet and the then the extraction of the driving water, clean the carpet very thoroughly. Many experts claim that steam cleaning is currently the best method to clean a carpet.

You also need to let the carpet dry after steam cleaning is applied, before using it again. The process is more expensive than most other professional methods but achieves unparalleled results as well.

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