4 Reasons You Should Have Beanbags in Your House

Beanbags are not a very common domestic item, in fact, if you ask someone about their plans for buying furniture, beanbags wouldn’t feature at all. However, beanbags or beanbag chairs are one of the most versatile, comfortable and fun items of sitting you can find.

Beanbag chairs have a rather interesting history, some claim that beanbags have been around for thousands of years, made of leather or animal bladders and filled with small pebbles and/or dried beans. However, in their current form, beanbags were first created only a few decades ago in 1969 by 3 Italian designers Piero Gatti, Cesare Paolini and Franco Teodoro who were working for an Italian company named Zanotta Design. They named their product as “Sacco.”


These chairs were really popular during the 60s and the 70s but in the subsequent years, their popularity diminished and they were also subjected to quite a few industry-wide product recalls from the market due to deaths of many children after unzipping and suffocating inside the beanbags or by swallowing the beans and other fillings.

However, they have experienced quite a bit of a resurgence in the last few years with many design changes meant to eliminate all the health risks. Here a few reasons you should also think about having beanbags at your home.

Safe and Easy to Use

Doctors are now recommending beanbags for people with different pain diagnoses in order to relieve their pain because they are now safe to use according to our modern standards.

When beanbags were recalled from the markets in 1995, the manufacturers made many changes in the design to make sure that they can’t be unzipped, some removed the zip from the design, taking out the possibility of children getting inside. This, coupled with the ease of use beanbags offer, are enough of a reason for you but this versatile item.

Versatility and Mobility

Beanbags are a versatile product, you don’t often find a furniture item that can be used as a sofa, chair, bed, or a playing thing. On top of that, you can buy beanbags in multiple sizes, some are like a small chair whereas others are almost as big as a couch. However, they are also very lightweight which makes it easier to move them around. You can put one in front of the TV when you need it or around the study table while reading or in the living room if you need extra sitting.

Don’t Rely On Other Furniture

A good thing about the acquisition of beanbags is that you don’t need to have it matching with the other furniture items, it stands on its own, literally and figuratively. While buying furniture, you don’t need to concern yourself with the beanbags because they are good to go in any situation.


Good for Health

Beanbags are helpful for children with autism or cerebral palsy since the density and shape of these chairs can be changed to make sure that the children are in the most comforting position. Since the pressure on the body is equal from all sides when you are sitting or lying down on a beanbag, there is no undue stress, which is good for the health. This is why doctors are now suggesting that children with autism usually sit on beanbags.

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