Pencil Pleat Curtains

Introducing and Comparing Eyelet & Pencil Pleat Curtains

Window coverings are an essential item in any house, as they have been for ages. While it is true that people have been favoring blinds and shades more and more lately, curtains remain in an echelon higher than the two aforementioned items in terms of prestige and aesthetic beauty. This doesn’t at all mean that people don’t buy curtains anymore, to the contrary, curtains are still as popular as ever, only that other similar items are getting more traction.

One of the reasons curtains contribute so much to the appearance of a room is because of the variety they offer. The two main types of curtains currently available in the market are the eyelets and the pencil pleats, let’s compare how they affect the appearance of the house as well as do other things curtains are supposed to do.

What Are Eyelet Curtains?

Eyelet curtains are perhaps the easiest type of curtains in terms of designing, handling and hanging. Eyelet curtains are named so because, at the top of the curtains, there are metallic eyelets equidistant from each other and all of them a few cm below the top edge of the fabric. The size and color of the metal eyelets, just like the size and color of the curtains, can be chosen as per your requirement and wishes as plenty of variety is available in this area.

Eyelet curtains come with curtain poles which are used to thread the curtains through the metal eyelets so that they can hang properly. The pole itself is usually supported by two hooks either side of the window so as to cover the whole window.

What Are Pencil Pleat Curtains?

Pencil pleat curtains are widely considered to be more beautiful among the two curtains. On the back of the curtain, there is a tape running across the top containing small pockets in three different rows. These pockets can be used to change the height of the curtains in order to give different looks to the room or for any other reason.

The tape is embedded with cords that be tightened so that curtains give the look of pencil pleats. The number of pleats is directly proportional with how much you tighten the cords, you can then tie a knot to maintain the look. When you loosen the cords, you can achieve a different look.

The curtains are then hung from a curtain pole via hooks which are connected to the above mentioned pockets, they should be evenly spaced the way eyelets of the eyelet curtains are evenly spaced. The poles themselves are attached to the wall either side of the window with the help of its own hooks.


Eyelet curtains are easy to hang and remove. Although they don’t provide as much variety in aesthetics as pencil pleats, you would do well to start with eyelet curtains if it is your first time handling them in full capacity for your house.

Pencil Pleat curtains, on the other hand, offer a variety of choices to the owner in terms of height, the number of pleats per knot, the color and fabric type. Therefore it is much more prevalent in the professionally decorated houses if the owners are going for a more elegant look.

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