Fountain Maintenance

Three Key things to Remember About Fountain Maintenance

A water fountain is one of the most relaxing features that you can add to your backyard pond. Not only will they promote a relaxing environment, but they can also attract an abundance of wildlife. However, like anything else with mechanical parts, there are some essential things to remember regarding proper fountain maintenance. Following simple steps to properly maintaining your fountain can help extend its life. Here are some things to remember regarding fountain maintenance.

The Heart of Fountain Maintenance Is Regular Pump Cleaning.

Depending upon the make and model, most fountain pumps can last several years, but even the best products are not immune to wearing out. If you want to keep your water fountains properly maintained, then servicing and cleaning the pumps regularly is arguably the most important step you can take, ensuring that your fountain is in perfect working order for many years. Since outdoor fountain pumps are more likely to get clogged with unpredictable debris, they require cleaning on a regular basis. Owners are encouraged to remove frequently any debris that accumulates in or around the fountain such as dirt, grass, leaves, and sand. For a thorough cleaning, remove the pump and remove any build-up with a cloth. Also, access the inside of the pump with a cloth as well. A fountain’s water reservoir should be refreshed at least every other day, brushed out and rinsed to prevent the growth of algae.

Cleaning Tip: Use an old toothbrush to clean pump areas you cannot access with standard cleaning tools such as a cloth.

Fountain Placement Matters.

Although regular fountain cleaning might be the most significant thing to remember regarding proper fountain maintenance, placing your fountain in an ideal location will help ensure that it does not become damaged due to high traffic areas or other natural weather elements. Look for a position that is visible, but away from foot traffic and overgrown shrubs.

Fighting Against Algae.

Where there is sitting water, there is also going to be algae growth. Although there are many benefits linked to algae, and it does provide a significant role in most ecosystems, including oxygen production, it can be very destructive to water fountains. However, there are many products available that make it possible to combat and control the production of algae. Algae can be diminished by either introducing an aeration system or chemicals into a water supply. A major downfall regarding the use of chemicals is that they can be harmful to birds, fish and the water plants living around your fountain. So, you will need to ensure that any chemicals used are safe for the environment before dispersing them into the water. Aeration systems work to break down algae by adding additional oxygen into the water. This helps to generate useful bacteria that breaks down unwanted debris and works to clear the water. Sump pumps and aerators are both reliable aeration methods.

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