How to be inspired by Retail Lighting.

How to be inspired by Retail Lighting

When it comes to lighting your rooms, you may struggle to find a way to incorporate lighting into your interior design. Do you do with ceil lights, mounted wall lights or lamps? What style of lampshade should you go with? How about placement, where will you place your lights? These are all things that run through the head of a homeowner who wishes to turn their tired looking home into a beautiful, relaxing home. Below are some tips on where you can get lighting inspiration in places you may have not thought about.

At Art Galleries.

Art galleries main objectives are to sell their art, be it a painting or a statue. It is interesting to see how art galleries use lighting to light up the artwork on display and how you can adapt these uses to lighten up your home. Do you have a statement piece in your room such as a dining table, piece, or artwork you wish to have well lit? Take inspiration from art galleries to get an idea on how best to achieve this.


Restaurants are just as popular for the atmosphere they create for their clientele as the food they produce. You can get a lot of inspiration for your kitchen and dining room by how a restaurant lights up their kitchen, dining and bar area. Get inspiration by going to a range of different restaurants and bars and take note of the lighting styles they use. Do they have spotlights on their tables? Does this work in a way you would like to see recreated at home? How about the bar? Usually this room is dim lit so you may wish to consider a dimmer switch for your dining room to create a mood. The kitchen is often well lit and will have many lights to illuminate the kitchen surfaces and cooking areas.

Shop Window Displays.

The main aim of a shop window display is to show off what the store has to offer and to draw potential customers in. You can easily be inspired by retail lighting for a more creative way of lighting up your home. Try walking down the high street to gather inspiration. Stand outside a whole range of shops but play particular detail to lighting shops, interior home stores and big department stores.

Inside Themed Stores.

Many stores, like homes, run a theme inside, especially in interior design and home stores. This is so they can keep their separate collections together to maximise the impact of their styles. Take note as to how to work lighting subtlety into the theme of your rooms. Many points of sales displays in stores have creative lighting techniques to highlight these hot spots within a store. Such creative techniques may include using little dainty fairy lights around a bed frames, tables or walls. You could even explore the advantages to floor lighting, a technique that works particularly well in bathrooms and kitchens.

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